Our Farm

The Good Life is based out of a family run farm in the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside. Our farm has been managed by three generations of Parrish families, dating all the way back to 1927 when Frank Parrish first bought the land for a dairy farm, supplying the local villages with fresh milk each day.

 When Grahame Parrish, second generation, took over the farm in 1958 we focused more on growing vegetables. The sandy soils of the green sand ridge have been ideal for vegetable production and in particular many brussel sprouts used to be grown on this farm and the surrounding Bedfordshire countryside in the 1970's.


These day's we grow potatoes, onions, shallots and cereals, but our land is also great for growing garden bird seeds such as sunflower seeds, maize, red millet, white millet, oats, linseed and wheat.


We pride ourselves on our sustainable farming techniques, making sure we utlise the resources we have around us as well as implementing solar panels and wind turbines to help us remain as self-sufficient as possible.


We also follow guidelines set by L.E.A.F (Linking Environment and Farming), the leading environmental growing programme in the UK. This means our farming techniques strive to achieve a balance between the best modern technology and sound traditional methods, whilst enriching the environment.


Now run by 3rd generation, Nick and James Parrish, it's time for the Parrish Farm to take on a new project. The Good Life was born from our passion for fresh food and home growing - we aim to provide the best home cooking kits to encourage our customers to reconnect with their love of food.


With our Fresh Kits, we'll provide fresh, homegrown ingredients straight from our farm and packed by our team, so you'll be getting the finest ingredients possible to help you on your journey to discover the good life. 

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