Hot Pinks Mushroom Kitchen Garden

Hot Pinks Mushroom Kitchen Garden

Brand: Espresso Mushroom Company

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Add a bit of theatre to your kitchen with this unique grow your own Hot Pinks Mushrooms kit! A great gift for food lovers of all ages that's simple and quick to grow.




The bright pinks and oranges of these unique mushrooms will add a flare of colour to any kitchen!


Grown on the coffee grounds of one hundred espresso's this Hot Pink Kitchen Garden mushroom kit is a great way to grown environmentally friendly mushrooms. It's easy to use for gardeners and foodies of all ages. You can watch your mushrooms double in size on a daily basis and be eating your very own Hot Pink mushrooms in just 2 weeks.


The kit comes with all instructions and everything you need to get growing as soon as the box arrives. 


Note: These mushrooms are called Hot Pinks because they like hot temperatures! For best results keep them away from the cold - above 10 degrees centigrade and use within one month of opening.


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