Herbalicious Herb Growing Kit

Herbalicious Herb Growing Kit

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Fresh herbs pack a punch providing more vitamins and anti-oxidants than some fruit and veg. The Herbalicious Herb Seed Starter Kit includes following Highest Quality Seeds: Chives, Coriander, Dill, Greek Basil, Mint and Parsley, 5-step "illustrated" how-to instruction card, growing on, outdoor sowing, harvesting and uses instructions, Mini-Greenhouse (propagator), 6 Mini Compost Discs, 6 Plant Markers, Pencil, Specially Tailored Recipe Card from Chefs at Award Winning Cook School.


Boxes are both recyclable and biodegradable and letterbox friendly. The box wraps, instruction and recipe cards are all printed on FSC card and are fully compostable. All Seeds comply with EC rules and standards and each seed packet is clearly labelled with the seed name and sow by date.


Kit contains:

1 x 5-step illustrated how-to, growing on, outdoor sowing, harvesting and uses instruction card

1 x Mini-Greenhouse (propagator)

6 x Wooden Plant Markers

6 x Mini Compost Discs

1 x Pencil

1 x Specially Designed Recipe Card from Chefs at award winning Cook School.


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