How to Make Spiced Pickling Vinegar

How to Make Spiced Pickling Vinegar

Get your pickling tasting exactly how you like it.

The taste of pickled foods is a personal thing and here at we're forever arguing about how hot or spicy our pickles should be. Store bought pickled vinegar will rarely be exactly to your taste so the best way to get it just right is to experiment with your own. And why wouldn't you? Just take a look at our recipe below to see just how easy making your own pickled vinegar can be.


You will need:

750ml of Malt Vinegar

Pickling Spices (we use 30g per 750ml and our spice is a mix of Coriander, Yellow Mustard Seeds, Ginger, Bay Leaves, Cloves, Allspice, and Black Peppercorns.)

Any additional spices you like such as chillies, different mustard seeds, dill, sugar


    1. Add 30g of pickling spice per 750ml of vinegar in a pan and heat until simmering, do not boil.
    2. Turn off the heat then place a lid over the pan and leave to cool overnight.
    3. Strain off the spices and use the spiced vinegar to pickle your onions using the below recipe.


Your spices can be added to the jars of freshly pickled onions, shallots or other vegetables to infuse during storage for a more intense flavour. Instead of plain vinegar, you can also use your spiced vinegar in recipes for pickles, relishes and chutneys.