Fermented Lemons (Using a Starter Culture)

Fermented Lemons (Using a Starter Culture)

Keep a jar of zingy lemon slices at the ready 


You will need:

Many brands of bottled water are unchlorinated, as is filtered water if you use a filter jug. Alternatively, can you try boiling and aerating tap water or leaving tap water to stand for 24 hours.



  1. Rinse your lemons and chop them up into wedges or thin slices (whatever your preference). Keep back half of one lemon.
  2. Place your lemons into your jar and lightly press them down with your hand.
  3. Take your 400ml of water and divide it into your 2 bowls
  4. In the first bowl, mix in the starter culture and let it sit for 8 – 10 minutes to activate the starter bacteria.
  5. In the second bowl, mix in the salt until dissolved to make a brine.
  6. Pour both mixtures into your jar, ensuring that all of the lemons are submerged. If you need more water in the jar simply top up using more unchlorinated water.
  7. To make sure that all of your lemons remain submerged, take your lemon half and sit it on top of your sliced lemons in the mouth of the jar.
  8. Seal the lid and let them culture at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, for around 2 weeks.
  9. You may need to “burp” your solution every 1 or 2 days for the first week to avoid the build-up of pressure in the jar. To do this simply unseal the lid to release any gas (your mixture will bubble and fizzle slightly), then reseal.
  10. After 2 weeks transfer your jar to a fridge or cold storage. Your lemons are edible at this stage and will continue to mellow in flavour the longer you leave to cure.

Consume within 3 months


Why use a fermenting culture?

We like to use the Caldwell’s Vegan Starter Culture for Fresh Vegetables to help stabilise the ferment of our vegetables. The Caldwell’s culture adds essential, good bacteria to the ferment which limits the risk of wild or harmful bacteria developing. Adding good bacteria straight away also helps to speed up the fermentation process.