Chilli Growing Kit (6 Varieties)

Chilli Growing Kit (6 Varieties)
Brand: South Devon Chilli Farm

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Grow your very own chilli plants with this 6-in-1 variety kit!

Containing everything you need to grow 6 fiery chilli plants, including seeds for: Paper Lantern, Corno di Toro, Ring of Fire, Hot Wax, Jalapeno and Volcano chillies.

This chilli growing kit makes the perfect gift for chilli lovers or something fun to grow in your kitchen.



Heat of Product : Mild to Hot


Now shipping with 6 varieties (120 seeds in all).


Chillies are very rewarding plants to grow - they look great and can produce large crops. This kit contains all you need to grow your own chillies from seed in a snazzy gift box. The kit contains:

1 x Propagator with lid
1 x pack 20 Coir compost plugs (peat-free)
10 x  plant labels
1 x marker pencil
1 x 100ml Chilli Focus liquid plant food
1 x full instructions
6 x packet of seeds (120 seeds in total)


The propagator is designed to take 10 Coir compost plugs (peat-free) and can be re-filled once the seedlings are potted on.


Chilli seed germination and plant growth needs a temperature of at least 20c. To increase the speed of germination and the growth-rate of seedlings during the colder months, use a warming mat or thermostatic heating mat (see our other chilli growing products).


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