Chilli Growing Kit (3 Varieties)

Chilli Growing Kit (3 Varieties)
Brand: Greenhouse Sensation

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Learn to grow your own chilli's the easy way with this Chilli Growing Kit. Contains everything you need to grow 3 varieties of chilli; Hungarian Hot Wax (Medium), Ring of Fire (Hot) and Roktika (Mild/Medium). The perfect gift for chilli lovers and kitchen gardeners!



The compost discs and hairy seedling pots are biodegradeable so when the seedlings outgrow the hairy pots simply pop them - 'pot-and-all' into compost in the red pots. Much easier than removing the seedling to pot-on!



1 x propagator
3 x packs of seeds: Hungarian Hot Wax: medium, Ring of Fire: hot, Roktika, mild to medium
9 x compost starter discs 
6 x hairy seedling pots
3 x seedling labels 
3 x red final planting pots 


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