BioSnacky Organic Gourmet Mix Seeds (3x40g)

BioSnacky Organic Gourmet Mix Seeds (3x40g)
Brand: A. Vogel

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Containing organically grown lentils, white radish and arugula/rocket seeds. The classic delicate taste gives a distinctive flavour to salads, as well as light and full bodied meals.



Gourmet Mix seeds produce sprouts with a classic, delicate taste imparting a distinctive flavour to salads and many other dishes. It contains a mixture of seeds, including quinoa, radish and lentils.


Contains 3x40g sachets of seed


Amount per tray / jar: 2 tablespoons of seeds

Soaking: 2 hours

Temperature: 18 – 22oC

Water: Twice daily

Ready to eat: After approximately 4 days

Not suitable for glass germinator.


All BioSnacky seeds are organically produced, GM-free and non-irradiated. We recommend using these seeds in the BioSnacky 3-tier Germinator and combining them with other seeds in the BioSnacky range to grow multiple sprouts at once.


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