Organic Blueberry Love Kombucha Drink (250ml)

Organic Blueberry Love Kombucha Drink (250ml)
Brand: Love Kombucha

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A naturally fizzy, organic Kombucha drink made by popular Kombucha brewers, Love Kombucha. Blueberry flavoured in a beautiful glass bottle (250ml)



Kombucha is naturally packed with free-radical fighting antioxidants, so we thought we would supercharge ours by adding more antioxidant superfoods in the shape of organic blueberry juice. But don’t worry, we only added a small amount so our Blueberry Love Kombucha still isn’t sweet. In fact, we would describe it as the driest of our range. Refreshing with a light, fizzing tingle on the tongue father than full blown bubbles. Just perfect!


Shelf life: 2 years from date of bottling. Love kombucha is flat when bottled and carbonates naturally when stored at room temperature. Love Kombucha actually improves with age (much like a fine wine!)


Ingredients: Filtered water, Organic Sugar (of which only traces remain in the finished product), Organic green tea and Kombucha culture (removed before bottling) and Organic cold pressed blueberry juice.


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