About Us

We’ve always been passionate about connecting people with food and growing and believe that, in an age where we spend more time in front of screens than each other, we need a reminder of the simple pleasures in life.

In 2014 the idea behind TheGoodLife.co.uk was born on our Bedfordshire farm and since then we’ve been on a mission to help people reconnect with wonderful, healthy ingredients by providing the tools to make, grow, culture, and experience the best homemade food.


    “The Good Life” is reconnecting with the world around us. It’s growing something fresh, baking something from scratch, learning something new, and discovering the joy of food. It’s simplicity and creativity, exciting and inspiring.


    Our readymade kits feature the finest fresh ingredients, many of which are grown right here on our family run farm where we have 90 years of farming experience and passion.


    We supply only the finest and most natural products we can, with many of our products home-grown here in the UK from local farms and sellers.